Obaseki strengthens ties with US as Edo moves to tap from $3.2bn investment in trade, commerce

Obaseki strengthens ties with US as Edo moves to tap from $3.2bn investment in trade, commerce

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has received a trade delegation from Miami Dade County, Florida, the United States who are in the state to investigate business and investment opportunities in tourism, maritime and aviation sectors, among other sectors of the state.

Obaseki, who received the delegation at the Government House, Benin City, said his government is equipping the youths, building infrastructure, and diversifying the economy to guarantee a prosperous and progressive state that can compete favorably with other sub nationals across the globe.

He said his government is working towards making Edo State the economic and cultural capital of Africa, ensuring the right environment for the influx of investors into the state.

Obaseki noted, “For us in Edo, we are expecting a new Nigeria and a new Africa. An Africa that is confident in itself and its young people, and a Nigeria that is ready to compete on its own terms.

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“We are spearheading the confidence of a new generation, and reeducating our youths. We are building our infrastructure to diversify our economy. We are looking inwards into ourselves to discover our God-given opportunities.

“We must begin to produce the goods and services that we need so that we can exchange these goods for the rest of the world. In your few hours in Edo, I just want you to relax, use the opportunity to make friends; go round and see what you left behind a couple of 100 years ago so that you can begin to understand those great creative instincts in you and where they came from.”

“For us, culture is powerful and our dream is to make Edo State the culture capital of Africa because this is where it’s prophetically started,” he added.

Earlier, the leader of the 40-man trade delegation to Edo, Mr. Jean Monestime, said Edo State would benefit from the US and Nigeria’s bilateral trade relations estimated at $3.2bn worth of investment annually.

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Monestime, who is Miami Dade Commissioner, District 2, Miami, Florida, United States said the state would benefit from aviation, tourism and cultural investments, in affirmation of the United States and Nigeria relations, to build on existing trade relationships as key allies.

He said, “The United States and Nigeria presently trade more than $3.2 billion. I don’t think that this pie is big enough for Edo State to receive its fair share of trade and Commerce with Miami Dade County.

“I have learned a little about the rich culture that you have here. So, we anticipate you bringing your delegation to Miami.

“So, you can basically share with us your considerations about how you desire to advance this great State – Edo and how the exchanges may continue between Miami Dade and the State of Edo.

“We have amongst us, different business owners. We are not here to transact ourselves, but rather to transact business and enlighten you regarding the values that we have that you can take advantage of, which will be beneficial to the host state of yours and my immediate country, the United States

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