More than 255 people have been killed in Afghanistan earthquake

A strong earthquake had struck a remote border area of Afghanistan killing about 255 individuals and harming hundreds more, authorities said Wednesday, with the toll expected to rise as heros dig through imploded residences.

The 5.9 magnitude quake struck hardest in the rough landscape of the east, where individuals already lived hardscrabble lives in a country in the grasp of a humanitarian debacle exacerbated by the Taliban takeover in August.

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“According to information, the quantity of earthquake casualties such a long ways in the territories of Paktika and Khost has reached 255 dead and 500 harmed,” tweeted, government representative, Mohammad Naeem.

Prior, another representative let newsmen know that many houses were harmed and individuals were still trapped inside.

Yaqub Manzor, an ancestral leader from Paktika territory, said survivors were preparing to help those impacted.

“The local markets sectors are shut and every one have hurried to the impacted regions,” he told journalists by phone.

Photos and video clips posted via social media showed gravely harmed mud houses in distant provincial regions.

Some recording showed local residents stacking casualties into a tactical helicopter.

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Indeed, even before the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan’s emergency response team were extended to manage the catastrophic events that regularly struck the country.

However, with only a handful airworthy planes and helicopters, a prompt reaction is in many cases restricted.

Afghanistan is frequently hit by earthquake, particularly in the Hindu Kush mountain range, which lies close to the junction of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates.

Scores of individuals were killed and harmed in January when two quake struck country regions in the western area of Badghis, harming many structures.

In 2015, more than 380 individuals were killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan when a 7.5- Magnitude earthquake tore across the two nations, with the heft of the death in Pakistan.

The most recent earthquake comes when Afghanistan is battling an extreme humanitarian disaster, deteriorated by the Taliban takeover of the country.

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