Le@kəd s3kz video of Kelly Bhadie pops online

Le@kəd s3kz video of Kelly Bhadie pops online (Watch)

The Togolese American TikTok star Kelly Bhadie who recently took over the internet and trended for one week has her alleged s3kz video going viral on telegram.

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The video is not that clear so many people doubt if she’s the one in the video but if you look keenly it seems she’s the one .

Bhadie Kelly, started going viral when a video of her rocking a light brown and mixed colour gown as she twerked with it.
A few male Tiktokers have posted about and her followers are increasing. She was at 356K followers, but now has over 594K almost 600k followers.

Watch the video by clicking on the link below to confirm.


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