I drank urine twice daily for 6 months as instructed by spiritualist- efezino Patrick

A young lady known as efezino Patrick, had shared her story on how she got recuperated from disorder that took her experience growing up from her.

Portraying her involvement with Godfrey George of Punch Newspaper, she shared the story on how her stomach swell up since age 13 for 7 years.

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The Lady, Efezino Patrick who hails from Agbarha Otor Community, Ughelli in Delta State described how she quit schooling at SS 2. In a way that would sound natural to her, she described how it began in March 2013 when she developed persistent stomach pains which her mom believed was menstrual pain. Nonetheless, the agony didn’t stop and later result to hard protruded stomach and was taken for clinical treatment. She revealed how the doctor instructed her mom to look for spiritual assistance.

This guidance made her mom and kin search out for help in a several worship center’s, traditional healers and the preferences up without any result. She likewise uncovered how a mystic advised her to drink urine twice everyday for 6 months yet didn’t work. Her dad was no where in sight and mother lost her union with her step father.

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Efezino went through hell in search of a cure for her ailment, she visited various native doctors and drank various native medicine. She spent alot of money while searching for a cure and all the money went to waste

All through the time that Efezino was sick she never menstruated, she never experienced any monthly flow. One faithful day while she was alone in the house, she decided to pray. After praying, Efezino felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

She thought that it was time for her to die, she was scared when she heard a voice in her mind telling her she would not survive the pain. When she looked down, she noticed that she was actually bleeding. It was a painful experience for her as thick blood came out, it was her mum that ended up cleaning her up. She later realized that it was the first time she saw her menses.

At that moment Efezino felt relieved and believed that her miracle was about to happen. One of her relatives later confessed to have poisoned Efezino with the use of Black magic (Juju), because she was jealous of her progressing ahead of her kids.

Efezino decided to go for another scan, even the Doctors refused because they had done it countless times and found nothing in he stomach. Surprisingly when the scan was done, something that looked like a rock was found in her stomach. She was later operated on and luckily for her, the stomach went back to the normal size.

Efezino Patrick is doing better now and living a normal life, she still has scars on her stomach but she is no longer ashamed of it. She is looking at making money and even going ahead to complete her education.

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