Lady calls out Apostle Suleman, leaks bedroom photos of their romantic affair

Canadian vocalist, Stephanie Otobo, has called out the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Suleman, as she leaks photographs of their romantic affair.

It would be recalled that the adventure between the vocalist and Apostle Suleman began way back in 2017 after which she admitted to lying against the evangelist.


In a new turn of events, Stephanie Otobo took to the micro blogging platform to pen an extended post about their romantic affairs.

Sharing snapshots of their video call collaborations, the vocalist leak photographs of the masculinity of Apostle Suleman as she challenged his wife to affirm the scar on the evangelist’s thighs.

she wrote;

“If these screen captures were phony, how could I get his pics that aren’t public pics at the primary spot and why I’m quick to deliver this sort of pics of him?

He has changed his hairstyle two times since I came to speak with receipts. He has done alot to seem different🤣

On the off chance that the dick pic isn’t his, what is he going to say about the scar on his left thigh? His wife can’t reject that scar.

How could I realize he has a scar to his left side thigh if we didn’t have intimacy? Haha. If he’s denying, he should open up his thigh we should see. His nails also says everything.

Certain individuals continued to ask why I came out esposing apostle Johnson suleman, and why I haven’t given up ever since. VIDEO: Actress Juliet Ibrahim speak on rape experience with ex.

the truth is, I never want to. He pushed me to the divider and the main way I could retaliate was to cry out and spread the word.
Satan smile👿

Apostle Johnson Suleman took a stab at utilizing police to quiet me down since I visited Nigeria to do feature Timaya in a song.

I have already paid Clarence Peters for the visuals of the tune before oga captured me, cos I would not comply with him to return to Canada. He believed me should turn out to mean nothing

He did all that to stop my music vocation. The fact that I’ll be influential makes him terrified. He even poisoned me, paid my friends to set me up and paid off certain individuals from my fan to kill me.

Baited me to come make misleading confession at his congregation in auchi that I lied against him.

That it was different ministers and government officials that wanted to cut him down. Why no name was referenced.?

I just did that cos the tension was toomuch and everybody had left me to suffer. No help. I needed to surrender at that point to have the chance for support.

This man has done all that to take my life however God isn’t dead, this video is the finished story of how all that occurred and how it’s going recently.

I’ll deliver a thorough video of all that occurred and the responses to questions.”

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