Edo begins enumeration exercise to collate data of centres for learning

Edo govt criticizes APC for supporting land-grabbers, others

The attention of the Edo State Government has been attracted to an assertion by the All Progressives Congress in Edo State, denouncing the state’s aggressive efforts against land-grabbers and other non-state actors liable for upsetting land administration in the state.

The outburst isn’t surprising from the APC in the state, which flourishes in rebellion and turmoil and sees nothing productive in cleaning up a blemished and unlawful framework that enabled hooligans and lowlifes, who had until recently threatened and fleeced unsuspecting residents in land and related transactions.

The APC had been sleeping with components in communities especially the now dead Community Development Associations (CDAs) who exchange dread to threaten, cow and seize individuals of their landed property, aging difficulty that had frightened financial backers from our state and deterred numerous Edo children and girls particularly in diaspora from putting resources into the state until recently.

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Given their particular method of activity, these non-state actors were otherwise called ‘lions and tigers’ and were just about as horrible as they were destructive. They amassed truckload of cash and impact from their exercises, spreading terror and fear. It is these groups of people that the APC is presenting a defense for in their childish media discharge.

Where was Edo APC when the state government expanded the minimum wage in Edo State from N30,000 to N40,000 and blended the compensation of retired people in the state? Is the effect of this milestone drive not felt by much more individuals in the state? For what reason didn’t they make some noise at the time this accomplishment was recorded?

On the charge for the state government to send its resources for check banditry and herders assaults, the Edo APC is clearly playing the Ostrich. In the event that they have neglected, I might want to advise them that the Federal Government – which is constrained by their party, the APC – is constitutionally empowered to resolve issues of public safety.

The APC-controlled Federal Government is accountable for the hardware of state to fend off banditry and herders/rancher conflicts. They control the Civil Defense, Nigerian Army, Department of State Services, Nigeria Intelligence Agency and the Nigeria Police Force. Thus, the analysis ought to be aimed at their party at the national level.

Clearly the APC in Edo State is hopelessly lost and are presently spokespersons for vicious components whose activities were answerable for the state’s underdevelopment in the past.

I might want to remind them once again that Edo people have dismissed them and their retrogressive governmental issues. The people have seen the light and could never permit a backslide into darkness any longer.

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