Trump rejects Twitter return after Musk purchase platform

Previous US President Donald Trump promised he wouldn’t be getting back to Twitter in the event that his record was restored following the acquisition of the platform by tech billionaire Elon Musk, declared on Monday.

The Republican chief said he would utilize his own site, Truth Social, despite the fact that he shows up just to have posted once since its launch in February.

“I’m not going on Twitter, I will remain on TRUTH,” Trump expressed, as indicated by, adding that Musk is a great man who might work on improvement of the platform

“We’re taking in millions of individuals, and we’re observing that the reaction on TRUTH is obviously superior to being on Twitter. Twitter has bots and phony records, and we are giving our best,” he told the organization.

Trump was prohibited for life from Twitter — and reprimanded the second time — following the January 2021 attack on the US Capitol by his allies, with the organization refering to the “hazard of additional induction of viciousness.”

The California-based platform has been hounded by grumblings from preservationists that it was one-sided against them and abusing their free privileges with suspensions for rule-breaking.

Administrators have required the adjustment or annulment of a 1996 regulation safeguarding online entertainment platform from risk over their substance control practice and for the postings of outsiders.


Musk, whose colossal wealth originates from the ubiquity of Tesla electric vehicles, as well as different endeavors, struck a deal on Monday to purchase Twitter for $44 billion, the organization declared.

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A self-declared “free-discourse absolutist,” he is supposed to adopt a less hearty strategy to control content, and examiners have guessed that he might reestablish account of Trump and partners who have fallen afoul of the standards.

Trump seemed to have addressed Fox News before he knew about Musk’s buy. Yet, moderate gathering Media Matters for America had proactively cautioned that the previous president could return.

“Any exchanges to offer Twitter to Musk should incorporate clear enforceable components to maintain and keep up with existing community guidelines, including the expulsion of the people who disregard those principles,” the group leader Angelo Carusone said in a statement.

Trump attempted to articulate the name of his web-based entertainment stage during an assembly in Ohio on Saturday, seeming to allude to it as “something many refer to as strove, Truth Central.”

He took a little while to post after its launch in February.


More than 1,000,000 users downloaded the application after its launch however revenue seems to have melted away in the midst of specialized misfires and significant delays to get to accounts.

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