Justin Dean Sues Wife, Korra Obidi, Friends, For Defamation

Justin Dean, the alienated spouse of well known Nigerian artist, Korra Obidi, has said he had sued his significant other and her companions for slander.

Senior member, in a video on Facebook, uncovered that a video that flowed as of late via web-based entertainment was recorded and delivered without his assent.

The video shows Dean offending Korra before their baby.

In any case, the specialist asserted he was set up by Korra and her companions, that they recorded his discussion to criticize him.

Senior member additionally in the video faulted web-based entertainment and fixation on notoriety for his bombed marriage.

He said, “OK, I was set up in that recording, they did that deliberately, they did that to set me up and they are being sued for maligning of character. In the territory of California, shooting somebody and put them online in a slanderous way is illicit.

“So I will likely make a large portion of 1,000,000 dollars or so after this claim and they can presumably not pay it.”

Justin additionally exhorted “Don’t put your family via web-based entertainment; I can see you that virtual entertainment is liable for these and fixation for distinction. I don’t want to be popular. All of you can unfollow me .”

He additionally blamed his alienated spouse’s choice to lease a one-room loft, it is a mogul to say she.

“I fail to see the reason why she got a one-room loft she’s a mogul; Korra is rich, ” he added

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