Obaseki strengthens ties with US as Edo moves to tap from $3.2bn investment in trade, commerce

Easter: Obaseki urges trust, penance to revamp nation

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has asked Christian devoted to imitate Jesus Christ by making penances that would incite advancement and guarantee enduring harmony and solidarity in the country. 2023: Obaseki receives Peter Obi, says PDP should embrace value, reasonableness

Obaseki, in his Easter Message, encouraged Christians to think about the reason for Easter festival with a restored trust for a superior Nigeria, and be a piece of the most common way of revamping the country.

He noted, “I congratulate with Christian steadfast as we praise the penance of the demise and revival of our Lord Jesus and urge that we utilize the chance to think about the reason for the festival and restore our expectations towards accomplishing a superior Nigeria.

“We might have been extended beyond limit considering the bunch of difficulties that we as of now face as a group, however there’s trust. Fortunately our dear country, irrespective of these glaring difficulties, isn’t beyond redemption.

“I encourage everybody to consider the genuine reason for the festival, taking into comprehension the penance of our Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary and His restoration by making penances that would propel the reason for the nation’s turn of events, and be a piece of the most common way of modifying Nigeria and guaranteeing a country that we as a whole will be pleased to be related with.

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