Buhari rejects Bill changing Auchi Polytechnic to university of technology

President Muhammadu Buhari has declined consent to the Bill looking to change Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State into a university of technology.

The Bill, which was passed by the both Chambers of the National assembly on September 23, 2021, has been returned back to the National Assembly by the Presidency.

The Bill was committed once again to the Committee of the Whole of the House of Representatives yesterday for reevaluation.

Introducing the Bill for re-committal, Chairman of the House Committee on Rules and Business, Abubakar Hassan Fulata, said a few perceptions were made on it, which required further authoritative activity.

He said: “The Federal University of Technology, Auchi (Establishment) Bill and Defense Research and Development Bureau (Establishment) Bill were passed by the National Assembly and sent to the President for consent.

“A few essential issues, which require new legislative action by the National Assembly, arose after a basic investigation of the Bills by the Presidency.

“Cognisant of the need to commit once again the Bills to resolve the key issues brought up in the Bills, it is sets out to repeal its choice on the Bills as passed and commit once again same to the Committee of the Whole for reexamination.”

The House will later rethink and pass the Bill along side the Senate before it is sent back to the President for consent.

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